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Medical Zone Mango Hill is the best health allied services provider in Brisbane, Australia. The clinic has a team of talented allied health care professionals who visit the clinic every few days each week. The center offers a variety of allied medical & health services. We have different in house allied health practitioners like dietitian, podiatrists, and psychologists. And we are happy to announce that an audiologist will be soon joining our practice.

The term allied health professions are defined as a segment in the sphere of medicare which delivers services related to discovery, assessment, and elimination of diseases and disorders. It also includes services relating to diet and nutrition, rehab and health system management.

Allied health care services are unique as compared to any other medical practice. It caters to the health care needs of people from different age groups. Generally, allied health practitioners collaborate with other health care professionals like doctors, nurses, orthodontists, and pharmacists.

They carefully assess the medical needs of a patient, keeping the physician and other medical professionals up to date about the patient’s progress during the period of treatment. A few allied health practitioners work as independent specialists in areas like fitness, nourishment, health education, verbal communication, and daily function.

There are different kinds of allied health service professionals like technicians, assistant technicians, and therapists/technologists. A technician generally goes through 2 years of medical education and training in their field to perform various procedures.

All the procedures are performed under the guidance and supervision of technologists or therapists. They are required to work under various medical branches as cardiovascular technicians, ophthalmic medical technicians, and medical assistants.

A therapist or technologist has to go through extensive medical education to become a skilled professional and acquire the right skills.

As a trainee they have to first get accustomed to the process of evaluating the patient’s health, diagnosing the problem, developing treatment plans and comprehending the reason behind different treatments to understand if it’s a suitable plan of action and what side effects can appear during treatment.

The educational programs guide scholars to assess the patient’s responses to the treatment and arrive at a precise conclusion about the course of treatment or other alternative treatment plans. People opting for such medical degrees go on to become anesthesiologist assistants, neurodiagnostic technologists and pathologists’ assistants.





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Dr. Terri Rundell

Special Interest Include child psychology, adolescent anxiety, and school refusal and pain management.

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Shaun Hopkins

Shaun has always had an interest in Human Biology and Physiology, Shaun enrolled at Curtin University, Western Australia and graduated as a Podiatrist in 2001.

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