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Skin Checks and Minor Surgery

Medical Zone Mango Hill is one of the best skin check centers in Brisbane city. It's recognized by the Australian university for its specialized medicine and research efforts. Our skin specialist Dr. Muhammad A. Hussain has advanced degrees and training to perform skin checks, prescribe skincare medication and surgery including dermoscopy too. He is considered an expert in performing skincare procedures like facelift surgery involving flap and skin grafts.

Full-Body Skin Checks

Our clinic also offers full body checkups, where our expert melanographers systematically check the entire body and produce digital dermoscopic full-body images. Our doctors check the skin for any abnormal moles or lesions which could be an indication of early onset of cancer or other skin related problems and advice treatment and medication if required. The doctor will advise during the examination if lesion treatments or mole removal is required. Such a procedure will be swiftly and expertly performed by our experts on site. A full skin check-up can take up to 30 mins or more and is recommended for people aged 18 and above on an annual basis.

Where Can You Get a Skin Check?

While looking for a GP to get your full body skin checkup you will find numerous skin surgery clinics in Australia. There is no proof that shows any difference in the accuracy of detection.

Your family doctor is well equipped to perform a normal skin checkup, it will be an added advantage if he has additional training in dermoscopy. Generally, GP's recommend skin specialist or dermoscopy surgeons for any mole or lump removal procedures. Medical Zone Mango Hill offers after-hours bulk bill skin check for people with a Medicare card in Brisbane.

You can always choose a skin specialist or skincare clinic near you to get your full body skin checkup. Such centers or clinics are generally headed by a GP's who have additional or specialized skincare and surgery training and are fully equipped to treat any kind of skin ailments.

How Often Should You Get a Skin Check?

As a precaution always perform self-examination from time to time and schedule an annual full-body skin examination. This is really important due to the Australian climate. A recent study has shown that women are less likely to go for a skin check-up as compared to men. So next time you schedule an annual skin checkup to be sure to ask your family to do the same and avail bulk billing after-hours doctor services with the Medical Zone.

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